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Searching for income?

Schwab Asset Management™ offers a range of potential solutions designed to meet the needs of income-seeking investors

Key takeaways

  • The unexpected market environment in 2022 created forward-looking opportunities for income-seeking investors.

  • If your clients are asking about potential income solutions, dividend-paying stocks may be worth exploring.

  • Fixed income strategies represent another traditional source of potential income that might merit consideration by your clients.

  • Schwab Asset Management offers a range of dividend-paying stock and fixed income investment opportunities.

For investors searching for income amid today’s elevated inflation and interest rate environment, bonds and dividend-paying stocks may be worth a closer look. Fixed income has been a favored solution for many investors seeking a predictable income stream and offers more potential income going forward than in recent years past. And dividend-paying stocks offer the potential to help reduce the fallout from elevated interest rates and offset the purchasing-power erosion caused by inflation.

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About the authors

Bill McMahon, CFA

CIO of Active Equity Strategies
Brett Wander, CFA

Brett Wander, CFA

CIO of Fixed Income and Tactical Solutions