How you can implement Biagnostics® in your practice

Learn how you can use the Biagnostics process in your practice with our step-by-step implementation videos. D.J. Tierney, Senior Investment Portfolio Strategist, explains how to use the Biagnostics Advisor Guide, Investor Guide and Client Action plan, using hypothetical Baby Boomer and Millennial client case studies.

Watch Baby Boomer implementation case study

Watch Millennial implementation case study


  • Presentations and Brochures

    Biagnostics: Elevate the client experience with behavioral finance

    • Understand investing biases from both scientific and social perspectives
    • Determine how differences in generational experiences shape clients’ investing behaviors
    • Factor clients’ emotional, cognitive, and social biases into portfolio modeling and communication
  • Presentations and Brochures

    The Bias Freedom Workbook: Discover and manage the investing biases that hold investors back

    • Determine clients’ emotional and cognitive biases
    • Learn how generational experiences affect clients’ investing attitudes
    • Identify tactics for mitigating the impact of clients’ behavioral and generational biases