Know:How to compare and select ETFs

Not all ETFs are the same. Learn how to spot key differences and compare strategies so that you can dial in your ETF selection process.

ETF Essentials

ETF yield is an important topic for advisors to understand since clients may be drawn to the income potential of ETFs. See how calculations can differ and what goes into each number.
ETF Essentials

Understanding the differences between traditional index, strategic beta and active management can help you evaluate whether combining these strategies may provide an additional level of diversification for your portfolio.

Follow this three-step framework to help choose ETFs for your client portfolios.

While many advisors choose ETFs based on asset class and the specific fund, it's important to evaluate the provider as well.
ETF Essentials

Get to know the key differences—and risks— between active semi-transparent ETFs and other ETFs and actively managed funds.
ETF Essentials

There are several types of exchange traded products (ETPs), each with unique features. Comparing them offers a better understanding of each product’s role in a portfolio.
Schwab Market Update

U.S. equities started off the new week with solid losses, as protests in China over its zero-tolerance COVID policy kept investors on edge. Adding to the mix, BlockFi filed for bankruptcy amid the continued fallout within the cryptocurrency markets. Equity news was in short supply on this Cyber Monday, with reports suggesting Black Friday weekend activity was solid despite the highly inflationary environment, while gaming stocks were in focus following a tentative agreement to renew casino licenses in Macau. The economic calendar was light today, with the lone report of note showing manufacturing activity in the Dallas region unexpectedly improved but remained solidly in contraction territory. Treasury yields were mixed, while the U.S. dollar rallied, crude oil prices were higher, and gold traded to the downside. Markets in Asia and Europe finished lower amid the global uneasiness toward China.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) made its largest interest rate hike in its history last week.