Create genuine relationships to help boost client referrals

What is MindShare?

Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most valuable way to grow your business. But asking for referrals can make most advisors—and clients—a little uncomfortable, even when the client is loyal to you and happy with your firm.

Now imagine never asking for a referral again.

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Grow client referrals in three easy steps

  • Recognize referrers: Evaluate current clients’ potential to refer based on their personality traits, occupations, interests, and the relationship you share.
  • Look for the overlaps: For each potential referrer, find intersections among your personal details: family, work, hobbies, and affiliations.
  • Build the relationship: At each natural communication point, nurture your connection. This strengthens your relationship organically and helps keep you in the client’s mind.

Why adopt a MindShare approach?

MindShare shows you how to build long-term relationships that keep you top of mind with your clients because you’re part of their inner circle. This way, referrals naturally reflect the client’s confidence in you and your relationship. 

These referrals are sincere and more likely to yield new clients.

Activating MindShare in your practice

To learn how to implement the three-step MindShare strategy, simply schedule a workshop for your advisors. Your Schwab Asset Management™ facilitator will lead you through an interactive workshop designed to help you grow your business through organic referrals from clients you already have.

We also provide a suite of tools and resources for advisors who attend a workshop to help you quickly implement the MindShare approach to relationship-based referrals.

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Create relationships that promote referrals

Interactive workshop

Gaining MindShare 

  • 90- to 120-minute interactive presentation for advisors
  • Discussion of the value of client referrals
  • Instructions for implementing the three-step MindShare strategy

Advisor worksheet

Activating the MindShare approach

  • Used during the workshop to help segment and target your client base
  • Includes examples of how to identify clients with the highest referral potential

Client action plan

Building relationships

  • Follow-up tools and tips to put the MindShare approach into action
  • Strategic plan for encouraging referrals from specific clients
  • Templated for easy use

Learn more about MindShare

Learn more about how MindShare can enhance client relationships and strategically grow your referral network.