How do elite fighter pilots ensure the consistent success of their high-stakes missions? With a carefully honed process that leaves little room for surprise. With MISSION 360, we bring these same techniques to financial professionals who are no strangers to high-pressure situations.

What is MISSION 360?

The MISSION 360 program teaches you a briefing and debriefing process used by elite fighter pilots known as the Feedback Loop. While you may not fly tactical missions into combat like a fighter pilot does, you can apply this same process and techniques to execute key missions that are critical to your practice.

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For advisors, failure to execute your missions at the highest level every day may not result in loss of life, but it can change your way of life.

Major Anthony "AB" Bourke, former F-16 fighter pilot, Founder and CEO, Mach 2 Consulting

The MISSION 360 feedback loop

As a financial professional, you are no stranger to high-stakes situations. Approaching your missions like a fighter pilot can help increase your chance for success and improve your client experience.

360 Feedback Loop

Why implement MISSION 360

By learning and implementing MISSION 360, you can help:

  • Drive alignment and a culture of excellence - fueling purpose and motivation among your team
  • Prepare you and your team for peak performance - in any important meeting or endeavor
  • Learn from your missions - and take informed action to enhance results
  • Build "adaptive agility" - develop flexibility in fast-changing situations
  • Create exceptional experiences - demonstrate fiduciary responsibility by setting clear expectations and then exceeding them

Learn how to apply the Feedback Loop

Our educational presentations and toolkit can help financial professionals apply the same techniques used by elite fighter pilots to help improve their practice and the client experience they deliver.

For larger groups

Main-stage / conference presentation for large advisor meetings or industry conferences

Major Anthony “AB” Bourke underscores the importance of preparation—especially in mission critical circumstances—and helps advisors apply fighter-pilot techniques directly to their business which can help drive better results.

Mission 360
Mission 360

Implementation workshops for team meetings, trainings, or breakout sessions

A Charles Schwab Investment Management representative conducts a hands-on workshop focused on MISSION 360 implementation.

Mission 360

Advisor toolkit

MISSION 360: A feedback framework to help financial professionals drive mission success. The advisor toolkit includes:

  • Program overview and core principles
  • Discussion guide for conducting effective briefing and debriefing sessions
  • Worksheets for team and client interactions

Learn more about MISSION 360

To learn more about MISSION 360 and our educational presentations, or to request MISSION 360 materials, please contact your Schwab Asset Management Representative or call 877-824-5615.