Behavioral finance

Gain insight into behavioral finance, bias mitigation, and the impact investor behavior has on the markets. 

Behavioral finance

Help clients overcome common biases during market volatility with this brief guide

  • What behaviors should you look for?
  • How can you address client concerns during a volatile market?
  • Which investment strategies may help keep your clients on track?
Behavioral finance
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Are past economic events haunting your clients’ concerns about inflation, rising interest rates, and the potential for a U.S. recession? If so, anchoring bias may be to blame. Omar Aguilar has three strategies to help advisors address this cognitive bias and realign your clients’ focus.
Behavioral finance

Teaching clients about the most common behavioral biases can make it easier to identify and address them—and potentially lead to stronger, more durable advisor/client relationships.

Behavioral finance content

Behavioral finance

Overemphasis on recent events can keep you from gathering the information you need to before making a decision. For clients, recency bias may lead to ill-informed investments. Help them take a broader view of the financial markets.
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Featured episode: “Behavioral finance through a pandemic lifecycle”

Omar Aguilar, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Head of Investments at Schwab Asset Management, joins Bob Powell with the Investments and Wealth Institute to discuss key takeaways from BeFi Barometer 2021.

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