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Effects of Russian sanctions on Schwab products

We are closely monitoring global sanctions and regulatory guidelines and determining the impacts to Schwab Asset Management’s mutual funds and ETFs. Get the latest details here.

Relevant insights

Market Commentary

Global leaders backed a new round of sanctions on Russia, but it is unclear at this time if these additional measures will be successful at avoiding an energy shock.
Market Commentary

The human toll is immense, but financial market reaction to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been muted so far. Here's what we expect to see in coming days and weeks.
Market Commentary

We believe that diversified investors don’t need to take action to protect their portfolios from events in Ukraine, which are unlikely to affect broader market and economic trends.
Market Commentary

The human costs of military action are unmeasurable. Yet, the stock market reaction to an incursion or invasion of Ukraine may echo those of the past with little measurable impact for diversified investors.

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