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Strategies for working with women investors

Explore a list of inspiring ideas you can start implementing today.

Advisor Guide

Best practices of top advisors

Learn the strategies top advisors use to acquire and retain women clients.


Best practices for advisors when working with women investors

Gain insights and perspectives from successful financial advisors who work effectively with women clients.

Planning and portfolio construction

ESG integration

Integration of environmental, social, and governance factors into the portfolio construction process

Planning and portfolio construction

Offer additional services

Multigenerational planning services and financial literacy programming for clients’ children

Planning and portfolio construction

Focused conversations

Financial planning conversations that lead with values and prioritize progress toward goals over investment performance

Engagement and communication

Spousal involvement

Equal engagement and ongoing involvement of both spouses in planning conversations, review meetings, and regular communications

Engagement and communication

Effective communication

Use of active listening strategies and effective communication techniques

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Engagement and communication

Thoughtful gestures

Small, personal gestures, such as recognizing milestones, conveying condolences, and expressing gratitude for referrals