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A welcome alternative to typical asset management

In addition to offering some of the lowest-cost core investment products in the industry, we provide advisors and their clients — regardless of investment size — the attention, education, and resources they need. What a welcome alternative.

Box of chocolates (welcome alternative)

Main points

A focused, straightforward product set

We're committed to providing a focused lineup of products and solutions that can serve as the foundation to any investor's portfolio.

No minimum investments

Our low-cost Schwab Market-Cap Index Mutual Funds and Schwab ETFs are available to investors of any size with no minimum investments required. Zero.

Competitive, low-cost products

At Schwab, we offer some of the lowest-cost index mutual funds and ETFs available.

Compare our funds

Schwab Market-Cap ETFs

As one of the largest and fastest-growing ETF providers, we offer broad market access and diverse investment options — with some of the lowest costs in the industry.


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Schwab Market-Cap Index Mutual Funds

While some firms offer their best pricing to big institutions, we offer all of our investors the same access — with no minimums.


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Schwab Target Index Funds

To keep costs low, we construct our Schwab Target Index Funds with ETFs.


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See the difference simplicity can make

Our dedicated sales team is ready to answer your question and assist you with your investment needs.