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Schwab Target Date Funds – a future nestled in investor behavior.

What a welcome alternative.

Nest (retirement)

Too many firms take a hands-off approach to managing retirement funds. Not us.

Not only are we proud to offer some of the lowest-cost Target Date Funds available with no minimums, we use a behavioral approach to managing risk when it matters most, near and throughout retirement.

Our behavioral approach

Schwab’s behavioral approach to Target Date Funds seeks to address the various biases and needs of investors, which is particularly important near and in retirement.

No minimum investments

Our low-cost Schwab Target Date Index Funds are available to investors of any size with no minimum investments required. Zero.


Competitive, low-cost

At 8 basis points, we offer some of the lowest cost target date mutual funds.1


net expense

Value-added resources and our fund lineup

Even better, we pair this approach with a suite of some of the latest strategic value-added resources, including:

Our dedicated retirement team is here to serve you