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Investment stewardship

Just as the investors in our equity funds generally have a long-term investment horizon, Charles Schwab Investment Management takes a long-term, measured approach to investment stewardship.

Our guiding principle

We are champions of investors. We look at the world through our clients' eyes, and keep that perspective at the heart of everything we do.

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Our approach to investment stewardship

Charles Schwab Investment Management believes corporate directors, as the elected representatives of all shareholders, are best positioned to oversee the management of their companies. Accordingly, we generally support a board of directors' or management's recommendations on proxy matters. However, we will not support their recommendations if we believe they fail to protect or promote shareholder value.

Our proxy voting policy (approved annually by the fund boards) focuses on:

  • Board composition and quality
  • Actions a board has taken to drive strategy, deliver performance, and manage relevant risks
  • Clarity and accessibility of reporting on key shareholder issues

Our voting record

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"We have used our experience in asset management and in research across multiple asset classes to develop an approach to proxy voting that supports strong governance. We believe this will result in long-term value creation for our funds' shareholders."

Mary Colby

Investment Stewardship Team

Our investment stewardship team has decades of experience researching, analyzing, and advising on proxy issues. We also engage the research and voting services of well-respected independent proxy advisors that share our opinions on many governance topics.

The investment stewardship team can be emailed at

Mary Colby

Vice President & Head of Proxy Research

Mary Colby