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If you or your clients are feeling unsettled about market volatility, you’re not alone. Join Omar Aguilar, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Schwab Asset Management, as he provides 3 strategies that may help your clients keep their long-term investment goals on target.
Direct indexing
Investment Insights

Omar Aguilar, PhD, CEO of Schwab Asset Management, shares his views on the growth of direct indexing solutions and addresses key advisor questions around tax optimization and portfolio implementation. He also explains why personalization can be a powerful tool in establishing an investor’s perception of value – and how personalized strategies such as direct indexing can help keep clients invested.
Direct indexing

30 years of innovation have made possible the next step in investing for your clients: Schwab Personalized Indexing™. Learn more about this evolutionary strategy from Schwab Asset Management CEO Omar Aguilar, PhD.

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Schwab Market Talk is a monthly webcast series where advisors can get their market and economic questions addressed by Schwab experts Liz Ann Sonders, Kathy Jones and Jeffrey Kleintop, along with special guest speakers. Each month, featured presenters provide the latest updates and perspectives in a one-hour session, based on questions submitted by advisors.