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Separately managed accounts

Professionally managed portfolios that give investors a higher level of control, personalization and transparency to investing.

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Strategies for clients seeking income

No matter which direction the markets may be headed, some of your clients are likely to need income. Learn more about the many income strategies that Schwab Asset Management™ has to offer.

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Happy Anniversary, ThomasPartners Strategies!

Celebrating 20 years of helping clients get to and through retirement

Since 2003, the team has embraced the concept that meaningful and increasing portfolio dividend income stream can provide investors a predictable source of income with the potential for income growth, without sacrificing the portfolio's total return potential over time.

20 years of dividend growth investing

Our approach

Our separately managed account (SMA) product lineup is part of our straightforward and focused approach to investing. We carefully select the strategies we offer to help ensure that our clients have choices that fit their goals and needs.

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What we offer

Our SMA products cover a diverse range of investment strategies and objectives. We focus our offerings on a select set of strategies backed by experienced professionals.

ThomasPartners® Strategies

ThomasPartners Strategies offer two separate investment approaches. The first approach focuses on an all-equities dividend-growth strategy which invests in companies that both pay dividends and have potential to grow their dividends. The second approach focuses on a set of balanced income strategies that is a blend of dividend-growth stocks with fixed income investments. All ThomasPartners Strategies aim to provide monthly income, income growth and competitive total returns over time.

ThomasPartners Benefits and CTA

Benefits of ThomasPartners Strategies

Designed for recurring monthly retirement income that is less influenced by near-term stock price volatility

Seek to provide annual dividend growth to help offset inflation over time

Focus on retirement income generation to reduce an investor's need to distribute principal

Work to reduce account volatility without sacrificing return potential



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Learn more about ThomasPartners Strategies and how they work to help your clients achieve their investing goals.

Wasmer Schroeder™ Strategies

Wasmer Schroeder Strategies offer a wide range of fixed income separately managed accounts across the duration, credit and tax-efficiency spectrums. These strategies were developed out of 30 years of fixed income management experience using innovative credit research technology. The choices include actively managed and bond ladder portfolio strategies with both taxable and tax-exempt debt securities.

Wasmer Benefits and CTA

Benefits of Wasmer Schroeder Strategies

Seek to provide returns while minimizing interest rate risks

Include dedicated and experienced credit research and portfolio management teams

Use sophisticated technology to evaluate bond issuers’ credit quality

Built on portfolios that can be structured by bond maturity date and tax structure in some states


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Learn more about Wasmer Schroeder Strategies and how they work to help your clients achieve their investing goals.

Windhaven® Strategies

Windhaven Strategies offer investors a choice of three broadly diversified strategies consisting primarily of ETFs. Using a proactive approach to global investment management, the Windhaven Strategies portfolio management team dynamically adjusts asset allocations, striving to capture growth in rising markets while attempting to reduce exposure when the risks appear to outweigh the reward.

Windhaven Strategies Benefits and CTA

Benefits of Windhaven Strategies

Focus on broad, global diversification by investing in a range of asset classes

Managed by a team that constantly evaluates opportunities and risks and adjusts asset allocation accordingly

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Learn more about Windhaven Strategies and how they work to help your clients achieve their investing goals.

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