Wasmer Schroeder™ Strategies

Help meet your clients' goals with more fixed income options

Wasmer Schroeder Strategies are designed for investors who are looking for new ways to increase their returns. With portfolios managed by Schwab Asset Management, Wasmer Schroeder Strategies offer your clients a range of fixed income separately managed accounts across the duration, credit, and liquidity spectrums. These strategies consist of actively managed taxable and tax-exempt options.

Benefits for your clients

Talented team

A dedicated team of experienced credit research professionals and portfolio managers works to uncover opportunities that can deliver results for investors.

Smart technology

Cutting-edge credit research and thoughtful analysis using innovative technology helps make it possible for investment teams to identify and exploit inefficiencies and verify high-quality issuers on investors’ behalf.


The portfolios can be tailored in some states, with taxable and tax-exempt bonds at a range of maturity levels.

Wasmer Schroeder Strategies insights

See what our Wasmer Schroeder Strategies executives and analysts have to say.

Fixed Income

Taxable municipal bonds may offer a compelling value proposition for investors with a commitment to strong independent research and a robust municipal bond trading infrastructure. Learn more in this white paper.

Washington Watch

October in Washington was certainly one for the history books. In the waning hours of September 30, Congress crafted a last-minute deal to fund government operations for six weeks, averting a government shutdown that would have begun on October 1. And that's when the chaos really started.

Investment Insights

This chart can potentially help clients understand why buying a longer-term bond with a similar yield to a shorter-term bond might make more sense now than potentially waiting and facing reinvestment risk down the road.

Wasmer Schroeder taxable actively managed strategies:

  Account Minimum* Fixed Income Style
Wasmer Schroeder Short Duration Bond $250,000  Short-Term Bond
Wasmer Schroeder Intermediate Bond $250,000  Intermediate Core
Wasmer Schroeder Core Investment Grade Credit $250,000  Core Bond
Wasmer Schroeder Positive Impact Intermediate Bond $250,000 Positive Impact Taxable Bond

Wasmer Schroeder tax-exempt actively managed strategies:

These are generally for investors who fall into a higher tax bracket and are looking to generate predictable income.

  Account Minimum* Fixed Income Style
Wasmer Schroeder Short Tax Exempt $250,000  Short-term Municipals
Wasmer Schroeder Intermediate Tax Exempt $250,000  Intermediate-Term Municipals
Wasmer Schroeder Strategic Tax Exempt $250,000 Long-Term Municipals
Wasmer Schroeder Intermediate Tax Exempt Credit $1,000,000 High Yield Intermediate Term Municipals
Wasmer Schroeder Positive Impact Tax Exempt $250,000 Positive Impact Intermediate Municipal


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