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Position your practice for the next wave of wealth with Women+Investing, a program offering actionable strategies for meaningful engagement with women.

Why Women+Investing

With women controlling more and more assets, this growing financial power represents anything but a niche market. And it makes understanding the women's market a strategic imperative for advisors.

The Women+Investing program can help.

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Benefits of implementing Women+Investing

Invite women into your practice

with an inclusive approach that makes investing inspirational, accessible, and actionable.

Deepen current client relationships

by connecting personally and making financial conversations more comfortable and meaningful. 

Provide true value

by helping women address their unique financial challenges and complexities. 

Attract and retain top female talent

by understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse team.

Three keys to practice evolution

Women+Investing focuses on three cornerstone strategies to help advisors unlock the growth potential in the women's wealth evolution.

Enhance advisor efficacy

Expand the ability to engage and retain women clients

Empower women investors

Connect life goals to portfolios for meaningful investing success

Champion diversity

Build a sustainable future with a culture of inclusion

1. Enhance advisor efficacy

The resources available in Women+Investing can help you evolve your approach and effectively engage and serve women. Three advisor guides offer actionable strategies focused on prospecting, communication and portfolio planning, while the advisor presentation offers key strategies for delivering a tailored client experience.

Advisor Guide

Earning her business

  • Attracting women clients: Connections, not conversions
  • Five prospecting steps that may appeal to women
  • Nurturing household engagement
Advisor Guide

Speaking her language

  • Communication: What’s often important to women
  • Five ideas for connecting on her client journey
  • Avoiding miscommunication and miscues
Advisor Guide

Planning her portfolio

  • Investing strategy: Link to her values and goals
  • Five keys to help make outcomes meaningful
  • Using women’s instincts

Complementary advisor presentation

  • Women and wealth: The mega-trend that’s here to stay 
  • How client acquisition may differ for women 
  • How communication can help you succeed 
  • Planning an investment strategy that reflects life goals 

2. Empower women investors

Support women in identifying their values and investing with confidence through a Schwab-led investor workshop presentation and companion workbook.

Investor workshop presentation and workbook

Topics include:

  • Tying life goals to portfolios
  • "Control what you can" investing concepts
  • Strategies to stick with the plan

Download the investor workbook >

3. Champion diversity

Create a culture of inclusion that helps sustain your firm's growth in a changing marketplace with a Schwab-led gender diversity presentation.

Gender diversity presentation

Topics include:

  • The business case for gender diversity
  • Why women can make good financial advisors
  • Creating a workplace experience that supports women advisors

Learn more about Women+Investing

Attract new women clients, enhance existing client relationships, and strategically grow your practice through increased diversity.

Watch this video to learn more about Women+Investing presentations and speakers.

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Keys to success with women investors

How are other advisors successfully acquiring and retaining women clients? Find out in our survey of top advisors conducted by Cerulli Associates.