Schwab Fundamental Global Real Estate Index Fund

Type: Mutual Funds Symbol: SFREX Net Expense Ratio: 0.390%



The fund seeks investment results that correspond generally (before fees and expenses) to the total return of the Russell RAFI™ Global Select Real Estate Index.


  • Simple access to real estate companies, including real estate investment trusts (REITs), in U.S. and non-U.S. markets, including developed and emerging markets
  • A straightforward, low-cost fund with no investment minimum
  • Offers contrarian investing and disciplined rebalancing through a systematic process based on an index with an established track record
  • Offers the potential for value and yield factor exposure
  • The Fund can serve as part of the core or complement to market-cap indexing and active management in a diversified portfolio

Effective on or about June 21, 2024, this fund will undergo an index and fund objective change. The fund will change indexes from the Russell RAFI Global Select Real Estate Index to the RAFI Fundamental High Liquidity Global Real Estate Index.

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