Gretchen Novak

Gretchen Novak, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager
Schwab Asset Management™

Gretchen Novak is a Senior Portfolio Manager for Schwab Asset Management. She is responsible for the day-to-day co-management of the Schwab Large-Cap Growth Fund. Ms. Novak also provides fundamental equity research coverage of certain industry sectors for the ThomasPartners Strategies and the Schwab Active Equity Funds. 

Previously, Ms. Novak was a director and senior equity research analyst for the ThomasPartners Strategies at Schwab Asset Management. Prior to joining the ThomasPartners Strategies, Ms. Novak was a senior portfolio manager at Mazama Capital Management, Inc., where she oversaw the equity research and portfolio management of the firm’s consumer discretionary and staples sectors. Prior to Mazama Capital, Ms. Novak was an equity analyst at Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn, LLC.

Ms. Novak earned a Bachelor of Arts from University of Washington. She is a CFA® charterholder.