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Schwab Market Perspective: Springing Forward
Market Commentary

The U.S. economy remains on solid footing, continuing to move into a period of exceptional growth.
Hit Me With Your Best Shot: Speculative Trades Take a Breather
Market Commentary

Trendy and speculative trades have gained micro bubble status and rolled over of late, but their weakness hasn’t infected the broader market.
It’s What You Value … and Where You Find It
Market Commentary

Investor attention has shifted from Growth to Value as the economy regains its footing, but understanding their factors and fundamentals is crucial.
Red Flag Day: Bond Yield Spike Denting Euphoric Sentiment
Market Commentary

Sentiment has been a problem; higher yields was the catalyst for a bit of a reset.
EleVation: Some V-Shaped Economic Data to Cheer
Market Commentary

Looking at the latest economic data reveals V-shaped recoveries in many goods-based indicators; while services has more catch-up to do.
Market Commentary

As quickly as it soared to the moon, GameStop came back down to earth; but the lessons learned are key to turning day trading speculators into longer-term investors.
Bridging the Gap(s): Converging and Diverging Trends Stemming From the Crisis
Market Commentary

As a review of the year that was, today’s report analyzes and dissects the nature of the K-shaped recovery in both the economy and stock market.
Market Commentary

December brought the first payrolls decline since last April; with leisure/hospitality—and women—bearing the brunt of the weakness. Expect more economic “scarring” to come.
2021 Schwab Market Outlook

Stocks head into 2021 having crossed the COVID chasm; but the economy has more work to do. Will vaccines get us to the other side?

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