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Multi-asset funds can provide diversification with the convenience of a single fund.

5 years on a roll with Schwab Target Index Funds

Momentum built by low-cost access for all.

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What we offer

Since 1995, we’ve managed a lineup of multi-asset mutual funds. Now, we offer target date, target risk, and managed payout multi-asset mutual funds—a comprehensive selection of product solutions at competitive pricing, for both individuals and employer-sponsored retirement plans. And for qualified retirement plans, there are the Charles Schwab Trust Bank Collective Investment Trusts.6


Our approach

We take a behavioral-based approach to asset allocation—an approach designed to help investors stay invested across market conditions, and that leverages our investment research and deep asset allocation expertise. To meet investor needs, we utilize a variety of underlying strategy types, including proprietary and non-proprietary as well as active and passive strategies. And our pricing approach seeks to give everyone—even the smallest business—access to a range of quality target date funds at competitive prices.

A behavioral-driven glide path design

Our target date solutions are managed to seek more growth when investors can take on more risk and greater stability when they need to rely on their investments. By taking a behavioral-driven approach to asset allocation, our carefully balanced glide path is designed to help investors reach their goals up to and through retirement.

Learn more about how our glide path allocates assets over time


Advisor tools

Use these financial tools to gain more comprehensive insight into investment products.

Advisor tools

Fee impact simulator

Use the fee impact simulator to see the long-term effects of pricing on a portfolio.

Fund explorer

Help your clients get exceptional value from their investments with the fund explorer.

Featured multi-asset funds

See our highlighted multi-asset funds, or browse all our investment products.

Schwab Target Index Funds

A low cost target date fund series composed of Schwab ETFsTM.

Schwab Target Funds

A combination of active and passively managed holdings in proprietary and externally managed mutual funds.

Multi-asset insights

See what our executives and strategists have to say about multi-asset and target date investing.

Market Commentary

House Democrats have proposed a higher top individual tax rate and changes to the capital gains tax. Both are a long way from becoming law.
Schwab Market Update

U.S. stocks overcame early pressure but finished mixed as the bulls and bears appeared to continue to lack much conviction. The major indexes are on pace for weekly gains despite lingering uncertainties regarding the Delta variant, global monetary policy, fiscal stimulus, and persistent supply chain disruptions. However, September seems to be living up to its historically sluggish reputation as the underlying market action of the indexes remained choppy. The economic calendar was highlighted by an unexpected gain in August retail sales, though the prior month's figures were revised to larger drawdowns than initially reported, while Philadelphia manufacturing output surprisingly jumped. Equity news remained relatively light, but Texas Instruments raised its dividend and Electronic Arts delayed the launch of its Battlefield 2042 game. Treasuries were lower to lift yields, and the U.S. dollar gained ground. Crude oil prices paused after yesterday's rally and gold fell. Europe rose as the Industrials and Financials sectors led the charge, while Asia finished mixed with the intensified regulatory crackdown in China weighing on Chinese and Hong Kong markets.

Stocks retreat despite upbeat retail sales data.