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The second-largest stock market has captured the interest of investors, supported by stronger, more broad-based earnings, and incentivized by Japan's fiscal and monetary policies.

Chief Global Investment Strategist Jeffrey Kleintop’s 90-second take on the markets for the week ahead.
Market Commentary

Sentiment data is beginning to match relatively strong "hard" economic data.
Market Commentary

Market folklore provides an easy, but inaccurate guide for investing in today's interconnected and complex market. Indicators based on economic or market behavior may be preferred.
Market Commentary

Market expectations have established a high bar for central banks' rate cuts. Any disappointment like stronger inflation or economic growth could spark market volatility.

The election outcome is unlikely to change the status quo for the Taiwan Strait, U.S.- China relations, or global markets which have seemed to price in geopolitical risk.

There are many risks for 2024 including those that are an ever-present part of investing and not unique to the outlook for any particular year. We've highlighted our top five.
Market Outlook

We expect a turning point in 2024, but investors may have to widen the lens to see the bigger picture and look beyond the noise and volatility.
On Investing: Kathy Jones & Liz Ann Sonders
On Investing

As we approach 2024, what can investors expect from the markets in the new year?

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