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Strategies for clients seeking income

No matter which direction the markets may be headed, some of your clients are likely to need income. Learn more about the many income strategies that Schwab Asset Management™ has to offer.


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Shedding light on Schwab Asset Management’s highly disciplined approach to proxy voting.
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Today, March 30, 2023, Charles Schwab announces new enhancements to Schwab Personalized Indexing™, its direct indexing solution with tax-loss harvesting and portfolio management capabilities.
Press Releases

Today, December 16, 2022, Schwab Asset Management announces there will be no capital gains distributions for the 2022 tax year by any of the 29 exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Chart in a Minute

An intermediate-term bond opportunity?

Can longer-term bonds expect better sailing later this year? Use this client-approved chart to strike up a conversation about the potential opportunity.


Long live the 60/40 portfolio!

The 60/40 portfolio offers the potential for attractive risk-adjusted returns by including a mix of stocks and bonds, an investment approach that we believe remains alive and well.

A closer look at Fundamental Index®

Deepen your knowledge of Fundamental Index, an investment approach that can be used to help diversify portfolios and complement traditional market-capitalization index strategies.

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Fundamental index approach venn diagram

Schwab Market Talk

Advisors, join our monthly webcast series to get your market and economic questions answered by Schwab experts Liz Ann Sonders, Kathy Jones and Jeffrey Kleintop.

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Liz Ann, Jeffry and Kathy

We champion the needs of investors in all we do

Schwab Asset Management offers a focused lineup of competitively priced ETFs, mutual funds and separately managed account strategies designed to serve the central needs of most investors. Operating through clients’ eyes and putting them at the center of our decisions for 30+ years, we aim to deliver exceptional experiences to investors and the financial professionals who serve them.

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