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WATCH: Herd Mentality Bias

Inflation, market volatility and challenges in the banking sector have many investors looking at how others are adapting their holdings, especially their cash allocations. But blindly following the herd is rarely the best move. Omar Aguilar, PhD, has tips and strategies to help advisors keep clients on track.

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  • Behavioral finance

    Are your clients trying to convince themselves of a specific economic outcome? Confirmation bias may be to blame. Learn about potential ways to help and investment solutions from our behavioral finance expert, Omar Aguilar, PhD.

  • Behavioral finance

    Are past economic events haunting your clients’ concerns about inflation, rising interest rates, and the potential for a U.S. recession? If so, anchoring bias may be to blame. Omar Aguilar has three strategies to help advisors address this cognitive bias and realign your clients’ focus.
  • Behavioral finance

    If you or your clients are feeling unsettled about market volatility, you’re not alone. Join Omar Aguilar, Chief Investment Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Schwab Asset Management, as he provides 3 strategies that may help your clients keep their long-term investment goals on target.