Featured investment approaches

Schwab Asset Management offers investment strategies and solutions that can encourage positive investor behavior and help advisors balance clients’ financial wants and needs.

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Direct indexing

A direct indexing strategy allows greater tax management, more transparency and more control over holdings—thus creating a more personalized investing experience. Besides serving the client’s needs, this offers a powerful relationship-building opportunity.

Model portfolios

Our total return and income model portfolios use a straightforward, modular portfolio construction framework and a behavior-based approach to encourage positive investor behavior and help clients stay invested through all types of markets.

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Fundamental Index strategies

The Fundamental Index methodology systematically identifies fundamental measures and value metrics, seeking to break the link with price-driven emotion. Strategies based on this methodology have the potential to help mitigate behavioral biases. The addition of Fundamental Index strategies in a portfolio may also help to increase diversification and promote long-term investment in a greater variety of market cycles.

Target date funds

Our target date solutions seek more growth when investors can take on more risk, and greater stability when they need to rely on their investments. Our carefully balanced glide path reflects a behavioral finance-driven approach to asset allocation up to and through retirement.

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Income strategies

Our income solutions cater to various client goals, from those looking for a steady income stream while preserving their capital, to those seeking to grow their income while potentially increasing their investment value.

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Diversification strategies do not ensure a profit and do not protect against losses in declining markets.