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As the science of behavioral finance matures, the art of applying its principles remains complex. Biagnostics is an educational program designed to help financial professionals incorporate behavioral finance into their practice to create the experience investors want—and need.

Behavioral finance meets investor experience

Biagnostics can be integrated into practices with a suite of educational resources, including keynote presentations, an implementation guide, and investor facing tools to help investors identify and mitigate their biases.


Learn more about Biagnostics

Keynote presentation

Learn the science of behavioral finance, implications of biases, and bias mitigation solutions

Toolkit materials

Make it easy to build behavioral finance into your practice—from education to implementation—so you can address investors' unique challenges.

Behavioral finance insights

Explore expert perspectives on global equity markets through a behavioral finance lens.

Choose the program that's right for you based on your role

Biagnostics for Advisors

Biagnostics for Defined Contribution