ETF Know:How

ETF Know:How™ is a full-spectrum curriculum of exchange-traded fund (ETF) tools and insights carefully designed to help advisors refine their strategy and gain a competitive advantage.

Build your ETF expertise

Discover a 360-degree view of ETF investing, with tactical steps to help support an advisor's business—from client engagement to portfolio implementation.

ETF Know:How resources can help you:

  • Track ETF market trends
  • Build ETF knowledge
  • Develop strategies for employing ETFs in client portfolios
  • Understand evolving investor attitudes about ETFs
  • Explain ETFs simply and clearly

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ETF Know how

ETF insights and perspectives for financial professionals

Refine ETF strategies and gain competitive insights with targeted tools, analyses, and thought leadership from our executives and strategists.

The ETF revolution reaches active ETFs

Amidst a global pandemic and volatile markets, active semi-transparent ETFs (also known as non-transparent ETFs) emerged. Learn more about this new kind of ETF and how it can help you and your clients diversify portfolios and pursue different goals.

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Investment Insights

Stay up-to-date on the ever-changing ETF landscape by reviewing the history of ETFs and recent trends. Learn where ETFs may be headed next as a popular investment vehicle that continues to evolve in exciting new directions.
Investment Insights

It’s an important time for advisors to consider whether client portfolios are positioned for a potential market cycle change where value and international stocks may take over performance leadership from growth and domestic equities.
Investment Insights

There are critical differences in practices and policies across exchange-traded fund providers. These nine questions can help you determine whether and how the ETF provider seeks to provide successful outcomes for clients.

ETF industry highlights

A monthly review of the latest developments in the exchange-traded product marketplace.

ETF essentials

Build ETF knowledge and learn how to best employ ETFs in client portfolios with our curriculum of clear, simple-to-use educational materials.

ETF Essentials

It’s important for advisors and investors to learn the key differences of active semi-transparent ETFs when compared to actively managed mutual funds and index ETFs.
ETF Essentials

Learn how these ETFs can help to diversify investors’ portfolios and meet long-term investment goals.
ETF Essentials

Having the option to add an active semi-transparent ETF to a portfolio may help advisors and their clients achieve a more optimal portfolio allocation, while offering the potential to generate returns.

Leverage ETF Know:How

Our suite of educational presentations—available for keynote presentations, workshops, and roundtables—can help build an understanding of ETFs and provide actionable strategies to enhance an advisor's business.

Advisor keynote/conference presentation

  • Game Changer: The growing role of ETFs in modern wealth management
ETF know how

Advisor roundtable/workshop presentation

  • ETF Concepts and Landscape
  • Advanced ETF Concepts
  • Mastering ETF Trading: Strategies and Best Practices
ETF know how

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